Premenstrual syndrome is the scenario of experiencing cluster of symptoms which can be generally observed in 14-15 days before a monthly menstrual cycle of woman. Such group of symptoms shows variations in person’s psychological level, physical behavior. Brutal phase of premenstrual syndrome is called as premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Every women does not face PMS, where as minimum 8% of women does. PMS and PMDD symptoms are similar but the symptoms turns out severe in case of PMDD. Women who suffered or suffering from depression and anxiety are highly contrastable to this disorder. PMS sign does not indicate any kind of medical emergency.

Causes and symptoms:

One very common cause is the variations in the hormone production in the body. Menstrual cycle controlling hormones are Estrogen and Progesterone. Before the beginning of menstruation there will be a reduction in the secretion of these hormones. This in turn affects the production of other hormones such as corticosteroid hormone, aldosterone hormone. Corticosteroid hormone manages the emotions of the women. This is why we can notice the variation in the hormone level is the responsible key factor for Premenstrual syndrome.

As mentioned above PMS and PMDD posses similar symptoms but PMDD shows in an extreme level. The symptoms duration might end even after the menstrual cycles get over.

The general symptoms are as follows

Physical symptoms includes nausea experienced in early mornings, drastic weight gain, ache in the vertebral column during the activities, tenderness in breast, muscle ache, diarrhea, even after excess intake of water person experiences constipation, acne ruptures, variation in sleeping habits, heaviness feeling, when the abdomen is empty patient may observe bloating, hunger cravings can be felt all of a sudden.

Psychological symptoms include sudden anxiety, getting annoyed and irritated, patient often face sudden swing of moods, more variation of sexual desires day by day(increase or decrease), restlessness feeling, overflow of emotions (outburst of tears), excessive tension, feeling tough to focus, loving loneliness, indecisiveness, often patient switch to depression. Healthy menstrual cycle is represented by PMS. Most of the woman experience slight abdominal pain, nausea, back pain, leg pain. Sudden swing in moods and Premenstrual syndrome can make the individual excited, happy, depressed, emotional slumps etc.

Some of the highly noticeable signs of PMDD are elevated anxiety, being overwhelmed even on the petty problems, irritating and tensed for considerable long time, hopelessness behavior. Such symptom disturbs the person’s social, personal and official relationships.


In case of PMS and PMDD the treatment will only reduces the symptoms but never cures. We cannot assure that same medicine will work for all women. Medicines only minimize the occurrence of symptoms.

Menstrual diary is the useful tool for the diagnosis of PMS.

Physician may suggest the medicines to control the birth. Thus hormones can be stabilized, ovulation can be ceased.

Pain relievers are recommended for the muscle aches, headache, muscle cramps etc.

Plant extracts like gingko biloba, evening primrose oil are been recommended to treat for premenstrual syndrome.

For treating PMDD symptoms like sleeping disorders and fatigue, the medicines like Zoloft, sarafem, Paxil CR can be prescribed. Generally antidepressants are administered to control the symptoms.

Another major treatment method is the consumption of healthy balanced diet. Food items such as caffeine, sodium chloride, liquor, refined sugar must be avoided. Physical and psychological signs can be controlled by intake of vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E supplements.

Exercises and yoga can benefit a person in all scenarios. When the body is highly active there will be no room for anxiety and depression.

Home Remedies

Consume lots of dairy products like milk, yogurt, ghee, sweets. Food products containing high carbohydrates like fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Calcium rich food minimizes the symptoms. Consume fat free food items as much as possible. Frequently maintain the small amount of meals. Make sure your not having more protein content food.

Vegetables helps to relieve the symptoms are Brussels sprouts, cucumbers and asparagus are specifically beneficial to kidneys by removing the excessive fluid which is present in the blood stream. These veggies increase the capacity of the kidneys to filter the blood.

Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, radish, artichokes influences the outflow of the urine from the kidney, which rises the metabolic rate and also helpful in reducing weight. Crane berries helpful in elevating the production of urine, which is useful in decreasing the weight of water.

Intake of fresh fruit juices is beneficial in balancing the water requirement. Lots of water containing fruits like watermelon reduces the water retention in the body. It is a good source of potassium. This guarantees that the levels of potassium will not get ruptured along with the fluids elimination.

Apple cider vinegar has a diuretic quality by containing rich potassium, which is useful in reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Either it can be taken as liquid or as tablets which is available in the market.

Herbs also play an important role in managing and controlling the PMS symptoms.

Daily use of Garlic, basil leaves, parsley in recipes definitely helpful in reducing the PMS symptoms.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants which is very essential for the body. Daily drink 2-3 cups of green tea.

Silica can be greatly found in oats, this is why it is popular for diuretic action. It is ensured that having oats tea to improve the PMS.  To maintain the PMS add oats to a cup of yogurt or sprinkle oats on some healthy salad and consume.

Practice reflexology, meditation, yoga on regular basis. Sleeping reduces the anxiety, tension, irritation and relaxes both body and mind.

Quit smoking which is harmful.
There is no proper treatment to cure PMS but we can reduce the symptoms and can control it. Some natural remedies can be tried to manage the PMS. Maintain the proper balanced diet, exercise regularly and make changes in the lifestyle. Most of the women reduce their symptoms naturally as natural remedies are much beneficial. Friendly environment, healthy relationships and support from the family is mandatory for every woman to face all this wide variety of symptoms.


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