Every woman has her own right to choose birth control. This emerged as a vital implementation in female emancipation. There are many ways to control birth both men as well as women. To enjoy your sex life to the fullest in advance plan your pregnancy which reduces your burden. For ages birth control was a controversy. We can see various discussions regarding the morality of few contraception procedures. Unlike the popular myths of society that in women birth controlling measures are limited. Men can also lend hand in controlling unwanted pregnancy. In men the birth control measures are much simpler and with very less side effects than in women. So the responsibility of birth control should be on men.

How you going to stop unwanted pregnancy?

You can find numerous ways to prevent the pregnancy. Such preventive measures widely categorized into 2 major type ie, preventive measures before and after sex.

Natural way for controlling unwanted pregnancy:

One of the most natural method for not conceiving is having no sex, which is next to impossible thought. Most of the people often face difficulty in this way of birth control.

Beneficial facts about condom:

To prevent pregnancy the most inexpensive and safest way is using a condom, if you don’t have any allergic nature to latex. Proper and consistent utilization of condom is beneficial in avoiding sexually transmittable disorders such as AIDS. Success rate of condom usage is of 95%. Those who face latex allergies can make use of polyurethane condoms.

available Pills in market for birth control:

Most of the women prefer birth control pills which work efficiently to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Many married couples opt for birth control pills. Pills are quite riskier in comparison with condoms because they’ve their own pros and cons. These pills may leads to complications as they can imbalance the hormone levels. It’s good to consult your gynecologist to discuss for family planning what pills to opt. Mifepristone is efficient in controlling unwanted pregnancy with 100% guarantee.

Intake of Morning-After Pill :

Latest technology and research made numerous of way of knowing about safest ways of unwanted birth control.

The best way is taking a pill in the morning after having an unsafe sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. The people who are under 18 must consult doctor. This way is safest in preventing pregnancy without abortion.

Other Ways:

Using some herbs prevent pregnancy but these herbs are highly toxic and possess side effects. Other method is withdrawing the ejaculation inside her. Some other way is having sex only in safe days of the month, for that you need to keep count on your menstrual cycle and also ovulation days. Women can follow one more safe method is by making use of intrauterine device (IUD).

Permanent solution for birth control:

Permanent way to fix the unwanted pregnancy is by means of surgery which is safest. It’s a long term solution for birth control. For men vasectomy is the surgical method which is very cheap compare to other surgeries. It requires very less duration to recover from this surgery hardly it may take 2-3 days. Sterilization is the procedure done for women to avoid unwanted pregnancies permanently. Sterilization is complicated and expensive compared to men. The drawback of these surgical methods is surgeries are irreversible in nature.

People looking for a long-term solution can go in for surgical procedures which will ensure that they do not have any unwanted pregnancies. In men, the procedure is known as vasectomy and it is a comparatively inexpensive procedure. The recovery time is also very less; in some cases only two days. In women, the sterilization procedure is complicated and costs much more than men. One of the disadvantages of such a procedure is that they are irreversible. Before surgery consult your doctor.

Various actions of birth control pills:

Contraceptive pills taken orally are nothing but birth control pills consumed regularly to avoid pregnancy. The contraception includes making use of medicines, devices, or various methods of safety to avoid or minimize the chances of conceiving. In present time contragestion, contraception and abortion are widely used measures. The numerous chemicals produced in our body are hormones.

Artificial hormones are used in the manufacturing of pills and whenever person intakes the pill they create ambiguity for reproduction system of body. These birth control pills contain progestin and estrogen which are called as combination pills. These are the mostly preferred pills by women. However there are progestin-only drugs available in the market. These pills make the women ovary to not to produce eggs which means ovulation is prevented. When there is no production of eggs then there exists no chance of conceiving as there is to eggs available to fuse with the sperms. Pills also thicken the cervical mucus of women which denies fertilization process. This blocks the sperm invading for uniting with eggs.

Hormones reduce the thickness of the uterus lining, which stops the fertilized getting attached to uterus and halts contragestion. When person consumes these pills regularly effective results can be noticed. Regular consumption of pills with combination has the best results. Progestin -only pill helpful in managing the hormonal balance in the female.

The duration required for working of birth control?

As we know pills are made out of artificial hormones which needs some time to show its actions on ones reproductive system. The pills must be consumed for minimum one week. Birth control pills require some long duration to make women safe from unwanted pregnancy. The instant protection can be used is condom.

Other way is consuming morning after pills after the unsafe sexual activity within the 72-120 hours, which is an emergency contraceptive.

Long-term Side Effects of Birth Control are erectile dysfunction, breast cancer, reduced sexual desires, migraine, hypertension, sudden weight gain, clotting of blood, deficiency of nutrition, development of gallstones, jaundice, cardiovascular diseases, migraine, ectopic pregnancies, depression etc. Constant use of shots and pills may leads to side effects.

Before consumption of any pills or undergoing any surgeries, it is mandatory to take advice of surgeon or gynecologist to avoid any future complications upcoming in your life.


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